I am deeply invested in the problems that arise inside agendas of being together. My curiosities surrounding togetherness has lead me to working inside seemingly impossible spaces, where narratives of intimacy are complex, allowing for content to be emergent rather than determined as the body negotiates repetition, disruption, meaning and memory. My performance work departs from preciousness and sentimentality in hopes of locating a more potent relevance for how we read and relate to constellations of things happening over time. My concepts and structures at times dissolve each other. I am reaching for a heightened subtlety of experience by engaging sensation with visual information revealing the multiplicity of the body as an experiential culture. I'm building space for the viewer to experience indentation, for eyes that find molding and packaging, or the revealing and concealing of information to suggest utility as the poetic. My intention is for the work to exist out of bounds, off center, aligning itself to phenomenology rather than images. This research takes time, to perceive things, to relate and re-relate to all things as mattering.