May 2014 NYC Premiere, The Kitchen

a Natural dance is concerned with ways of structuring bodies as they fall out of relation aesthetically and spiritually while still locating ways of being together. This work continues a process of tangential thinking that leads to choreographic thought that is both energetic and designed, where a contemplative theatricality begins to encourage a disruptive kinship. This work locates logic outside of a normative lens, looking to an improvisatory system for disrupting behavior while still ushering in the glory of absurdity, timing, meaning, sequence, divinity and the political. 

Concept: Jen Rosenblit
Performers: Addys Gonzalez, Justin Cabrillos, Effie Bowen, Hilary Clark and Jen Rosenblit Lighting: Elliott Jenetopulos
Costumes and Sound: Jen Rosenblit
Set construction: Sam Roeck.
Producer/Management: Meredith Boggia