February 2012 NYC Premiere, New York Live Arts

In Mouth is a duet that considers the union, binding, marriage yet rests inside of a sense of patronage. Through a process of tangential thinking and decision making, the structure looks to deem even the unworthy as righteous.  A curtain closes almost all the way, we begin a slow motion peep show for the few who can still see sitting in the center. One steps out to watch the other, or to let you watch more clearly. The curtains open and they have moved on. We stumble into things and let them go. We find these two bodies fallen in a dark forest, devastated and roaming. 

Concept: Jen Rosenblit
Performers: Jen Rosenblit and Addys Gonzalez
Costumes and Sound: Jen Rosenblit
Lighting: Elliott Jenetopulos