Swivel Spot is concerned with the indiscernible moment of change. It is clear that something is gone. Actions of preservation and maintenance suggest something routine is about to happen. There is preparation here. Haunting the performance are the remains–a skeleton of logic from something that no longer applies. Still, these things don’t just go away. Hovering in this spot, an area isolated for this specific function, likened to a dump, a graveyard for parts, or a recycling shed, but we remain, there is waiting here. In a “land-space” where things go to die, rest, pile up, and accumulate, we see what we return to, pivot on, flirt with, linger near, or even consistently resist. Can we measure or archive transformation inside of this pile, and how do we continue on without rendering it obsolete? Swivel Spot is a companion work to Clap Hands (2016).

Concept: Jen Rosenblit 
Performance and Creation: Jen Rosenblit and Geo Wyeth 
Sound: Geo Wyeth 
Lighting: Nica Ross 
Dramaturgy: Joshua Lubin-Levy 
Production and Performance Support: alexia welch 
Multipurpose Tool and Podium Fabrication: Abigail Lloyd 
Jacket: Quinn Czejkowski 
Lighting Assistant: Andrew Hunt 
Management / Producer: Alexandra Rosenberg