April 2016 NYC Premiere, Invisible Dog Art Center co-presented with New York Live Arts

Clap Hands is a mating call, an over-crowded solo, looking to hail, disappear, disguise, displace, reveal and track the disappearance of the body. 

Each body navigates the problem of the solo. Sometimes slipping into the convention of the soloist on the way to tracing the remnants of shifting content, the multiplicity of the group complicates a narrative of intimacy that is not limited to pattern, ritual or husbandry. 
A large stack of fuchsia felt installs the space, asking for its own presence. Through textural sculpting of the material into forms resembling human bodies, a still-life emerges and demands a kind of flamboyance that might not be offered by the performing bodies themselves. Can these sculptural puppets transfer a sense of reality to shift the solo figure(s) out of demand? Can we locate intimacy within these non-human forms? 
Clap Hands is concerned with the politics of coming together as we maintain autonomy. Various constellations of desire flood the room, decentralizing what can be perceived as presence or the remains of an absence, noting the impossibility of the solo. Something is lost or forgotten, but we continue with the burden of carrying on. We wonder how we can synthesize the singular body, what that body might look like and how we consolidate its skeleton of logic through our individual labors. How do we continually locate ourselves and what is it to deal with the haunting nature of remaining alone? Clapping hands is a phenomenon we do together, to celebrate, mark or culminate. Clap Hands is something we have to sit alone with, to recall being together.

Concept: Jen Rosenblit
Performers: Effie Bowen, Andy Kobilka, Jen Rosenblit
Performance and production support: alexia welch
Sound: Admanda Kobilka 
Lighting: Elliott Jenetopulos
Early research support: Addys Gonzalez
Management/Producer: Alexandra Rosenberg

Triple Canopy: Projections Maybe Postures by Jen Rosenblit and Kate Brandt